* Furlough - Grand Rapids

We arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 6, with many family members at the airport to greet us.  For our short stay in Grand Rapids we stayed with Rev. Kleyn's brother Nick and his wife Deb and their family.

At the airport

Sunday dinner at Nick and Deb's

We have been able to visit and catch up with many friends and family members.

Visiting with Singaporeans and others at Dad and Mom Hanko's

Jeff and Katie and Mila Baatenburg

Cornelis and Rebecca Kleyn's

Another enjoyable part of the furlough has been seeing some of the 19 new nieces and nephews that have been born in the Hanko and Kleyn families since we left America over 2 years ago.  We were also able to attend some graduations.


Sunday evening Rev. Kleyn gave a presentation on the mission work for all the area PR churches in Grand Rapids at Grandville Public High School auditorium.  There was a good crowd, showing much interest and support of the work in the Philippines.



  1. Thanks for giving the presentation in Grandville. The videos really helped us understand what your life and work are life there. In the last picture, Kelly & I are in the middle of the balcony.

  2. Enjoy the rest of your furlough!Regards,Linda and Mark Hoogerdijk