* A Few Random Pictures

Sometimes it works to have a theme for a blog ...... sometimes not.  But we understand you don't mind the latter.  Thus, here are a few random pictures.

Usually the Filipino "tractor" is black in color, but recently we came across a white one.  This one lives in Gabaldon, right next to the church building of the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship (where both missionaries preach and teach one Sunday each month).

A regular Filipino "tractor" (carabao), with a young one in tow (perhaps headed out for some on-the-job training).

Seen tethered along the roadside.

Stuck in traffic - a common occurrence here.  This time in downtown Antipolo, just a few kilometers from home.

You will find these markers on the Bataan Peninsula, and at every kilometer along the route of the infamous "death march" of World War II.

Another monument/memorial along the route of the death march.

We found it interesting to see how close all the houses are to each other.  Seems that practically every square inch of the hillside is occupied.

Someone (who will remain anonymous) once thought that pineapples grew on trees.  This picture should disillusion anyone else who may have that misconception.  The pineapples here sure are juicy - delicious!

One of the few animals that you will notice in the wild here.  These were rather friendly, and looking for handouts.  Didn't get any from us, though.

A tropical sunset!

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  1. That sunset looks like it's out of a travel brochure!