* Bamboo Organ Concert

Recently we heard about a bamboo pipe organ in Manila here.  The organ is in an old church (built in the early 1800s) and is almost as old as the church building.  For many years it wasn't working, but they restored it in 1975 and now do annual concerts on it.  This year we were able to attend with Rev. Kleyn's parents.

The church building.

Before the concert there was a group of highschoolers accompanying a marimba with these bamboo instruments in the courtyard of the church.  They played a couple of classical pieces.  Very nice!

The organ.

A close-up of the pipes at the rear of the organ.

The choirs and chamber orchestra.


  1. It looks really cool, but the question is: how did it sound?

  2. Very cool! It would have been neat to here js Bach on that organ.