* Delegation Visit (4)

In the past few days, Glenn and Perry have had the opportunity to look around Metro Manila a little, including our neighborhood (Beverly Hills) and our city (Antipolo).  They were also able to meet some of the Bereans.  We'll let the following pictures tell the story.

A tricycle ride was first, as we had some errands to do in Antipolo, including a stop at the Post Office.

Perry (himself a mailman) was glad to meet the Postmaster at the ACPO.  (I think she's the lady with black hair.)

We opted for a jeepney ride on the way home.
But what's so funny?

The jeepney ride involved taking four different jeepneys.  We waited here for our second one.  Now that they've done it once, they could easily figure out on their own which jeepneys to catch ..... so they say.

Tuesday night was the Berean PRC's weekly Bible study.  At the moment, the BPRC is watching the DVDs of the seminary's conference on the KJV.  This week we watched Prof. Gritters' speech regarding Bible translations.

Visiting afterwards, while eating a snack ..... or is Glenn trying to feed it to someone?

Pictured with the Berean PRC's Consistory members.
L to R: Bro. Glenn Kooima, Bro. Dick Espiritu, Rev. D. Kleyn, Bro. Rod Bongat, Bro. Perry Van Egdom, Bro. Sonny Umali, Rev. R. Smit.

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