* Delegation Visit (3)

Time for another brief update.  This time concerning Monday's activities.

Perry and Glenn accompanied us on Monday to our 7M (Monday Morning Metro Manila Monthly Ministers' Meeting), which meets twice a month.  Up to now we have used this time to review Reformed Dogmatics, but recently we also began teaching Homiletics.

Glenn and Perry outside the CFM's building in Batasan Hills, where we met

Rev. Smit leads the men in our study of Reformed Dogmatics
(reviewing Soteriology)

Enjoying meryenda (snack) and conversation between the Dogmatics and Homiletics sessions

Getting ready for Rev. Kleyn's class in Homiletics

Rev. Kleyn "in action"

Back: Rev. Kleyn, Perry Van Egdom, Rev. Smit, Glenn Kooima, Pastor John Flores
Front: Pastor Oseas Andres, Pastor Leovy Trinidad, Pastor Ronald Failano, Bro. Arnold Gutierrez

Our delicious lunch - macaroni salad, fresh mangoes, and sandwiches

Heading home

Ready to face Manila traffic again

On a lighter note, Perry discovered a snack store in our neighborhood (a sari-sari).  Norma's Store seems to provide him (Glenn too) with a good reason to take a walk, get some exercise, and reward himself with a drink!



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  1. Such memories I have when I see these pictures-all good memories. The saints in the Phillipines are a special people to us-we will never forget their love and hospitality shown to us in our visit. May God continue to bless both the mininsters and the congregation in the days and years ahead.