* A Few Things

Just a brief post to cover a few items of interest.

It's great to have the Smit family back here again.  We've heard about their furlough travels and presentations.  We've also seen many of their pictures (no telling as to whom we saw, where you were, what you were doing, etc. :-))  They mentioned they had an enjoyable time, and appreciated the opportunity to visit many of our churches.  We, with them, appreciate very much the interest and support shown for the work - as evidenced by the attendance at the presentations, the questions asked, the encouraging comments, the greetings sent, etc.  Thanks to all for this.  It's a blessing and great encouragement to us in our work.

Safely Back on Philippine Soil
[Travel weary, but happy to be home again]

The Smits were able to bring back with them quite a few books for our "bookstore" here.  We have started preparing an updated list of what's available, but are waiting yet for a shipment of a few more boxes.

Unpacking the Latest Arrivals

We take this opportunity to thank our Protestant Reformed Churches for the collections taken that subsidize the cost and shipping of the books. Your assistance is greatly appreciated by your fellow believers here in the Philippines, enabling them to purchase these books at a significantly reduced price. We are grateful that in this way we may together strive to advance the cause of God's kingdom through good Reformed literature.

And finally, a few pictures relating to food.

Another Way to Cook Fish

Fruits Readily Available Along the Road


A Taste of America



  1. What are the large, green, spiny fruits in the foreground of the 2nd to last picture?

  2. Welcome home, Smit Family :)
    All the food looks delicious!

  3. Chad, those are jackfruit. The smaller spiny ones in the back are durian. Similar to each other. They emit a very noticeable odor, and have an interesting texture and taste, too.