* Events During Smits' Furlough

Smits left on their furlough on Tuesday, June 6.  (They return home soon - July 20, Lord willing.)  We have missed them.  But in the meantime we have kept busy with visitors and various other activities.

Smits all lined up and ready to go.

The Baldwins (Mary is from First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI) came for the weekend of June 19.  We had a great time getting to know them all.  They really enjoyed the experience of meeting fellow saints in another part of the world. 

Mary, David, Lai Yin, and cute little Elliot and Josiah.

Fellowship in Berean PRC.

The same weekend the Baldwins were here, Brother (Kuya) Max Lising of the Berean PRC passed away.  (Three of Brother Max's children are in the Berean church.)  In Rev. Smit's absence, Rev. Kleyn did the funeral, and had a few words at the graveside.

 Funeral speech on Romans 14:7-9.

By the graveside in the columbary.

On our June 12 trip to the All of Grace PR Fellowship in Gabaldon we were invited for lunch to Sister Marie's house.  We enjoyed the food and fellowship there. 

Sisters Primitiva, Catherine (Marie's mother), Marie, Brother Lando

We also visited Sister Macaria in her home.  She was not feeling well
that day and couldn't come to church.

Brother Lando, Danstan, Sisters Macaria, Adeling, and Primitiva.

On the weekend of July 10 we had visitors again, this time from the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore.  Colin and Kim Lim were with us for a few days.  We enjoyed their company and hope their visit is an incentive for more people to visit and get to meet and know fellow believers here.

At the Taal Volcano.  Unfortunately the weather was quite rainy,
so we only caught a few misty glimpses of the mountain.

The Sunday they were here, the Lims were able to come with us to
the fellowship in Gabaldon since Rev. Kleyn had to preach there.

Waiting for church to start.

We weren't able to stay for lunch this time, though.  We had to return quickly to Manila so Rev. Kleyn could also preach for the Berean PRC at 3:30.  (Rev. Kleyn covered as much of the preaching as possible in the Berean PRC during Rev. Smit's absence - about half. The other services were led by the elders.)  We ate our packed lunch in the car on the way instead.  It was interesting, to say the least, trying to make sandwiches in the car on the bumpy roads!

Visiting with Brother Ben Felix and Sister Nil Bansale in Berean PRC.

We've had a lot of rain while the Smits have been gone.  One weekend we had 13" in 48 hours!  We learned that we are best off staying home when that happens since many of the roads become flooded.

We are looking forward to the Smit's return next week.  We have missed their fellowship and their help in the work.  But we are also thankful they could visit various PR congregations in North America, give presentations on the work here, do some preaching, and also have some time with family.

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