* May 1, 2018 Conference: The Power of the Gospel

The youth of the Berean PRC planned a one-day conference for the May 1 holiday (Labor Day).  The conference was held in Provident Christian Church's building in Marikina and the topic was the Power of the Gospel.  The speakers were Rev. Ibe, Rev. Kleyn, Rev. Smit and Rev. Trinidad.  The conference was well-attended by the church members and by many of the contacts of the PRCP. 

The advertising flyer for the conference.


The 120 (or so) attendees

Rev. Trinidad giving his speech on, "What is the Gospel?"

Book sales were brisk.  We sold about 200 books!

Lunch time.

Rev. Smit delivering his speech on, "The Gospel and the World."

(Sorry no pictures of Revs. Ibe and Kleyn)

The speeches were edifying and well-received.  Many good questions were asked and answered during the Q&A sessions.  May God use this setting forth of His truth to His glory and the salvation of His church.

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