* Delegation Visit 2017 (2)

Tuesday, February 7, was the meeting of 7M, held in Provident Christian Church. 

Rev. Kleyn lectured on the Church Order and they watched a video of Prof. Gritters lecturing on Poimenics (pastoral care).

The ladies came later and brought some lunch for the men.

On the way home from 7M, the men stopped at the Cloud 9 lookout.  Built on the hill up to Antipolo, it gives a 365* view over the city of Manila and the hills of Antipolo.

Climbing the suspension bridge to the lookout.

One night on the way home from a meeting the men stopped at an intersection (Masinag corner), climbed the walkway bridge and took pictures of the traffic. 

I think the pictures are pretty cool.
(Notice the Pizza Hut sign.  ;-))

At the red lights the motorcycles squeeze between the cars and gather at the front of the traffic, so they can be the first to take off when the light changes.

On Wednesday, February 8 we all traveled to His Name Language School in Quezon City and sat in on a lecture on the religious culture in the Philippines.  It was a profitable time.

Maybe you can spot some familiar faces/heads.

While we were at the lecture at the language school, Leah was preparing a home cooked meal for all of us to enjoy together that evening.

Thursday morning the men walked to the gate of the subdivision where they caught a trike.  The trike took them to the public market.

Crowded into the sidecar of the trike

This pig was just brought into the market for butchering. 
(Elder De Boer says that isn't his handprint!)

While they were there they decided to have breakfast -- sausages and eggs and noodles.

They took a jeepney home.  The jeepney was full, so Rev. Brummel experienced sitting on the little stool in the aisle.  :-)

More to follow.........

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