* Annual Delegation Visit 2016 (3)

Monday, February 22, we left early morning to travel to Bacolod City.  After our plane landed we had some time to look around the city.  We found the bay walk and took a stroll along the ocean. 

There were hundreds of small, dark jelly fish right by the shore.

In the evening we held the Bible study with the group in Bacolod City.  Rev. Kleyn spoke on Essentials of Reformed Doctrine: Sanctification.  The delegation was able to observe, which is part of their work of supervision of the missionary.  The last few months we have had 6 or so extra men visiting the class.  It is encouraging to have more men present.

Deacon Lee Hoekstra bringing greetings from Doon PRC....

....and Rev. Engelsma from the Foreign Mission Committee.

Rev. Engelsma, Divino, Joy, Sharon, Joann

Shannon, Lilia Corpus, Praiseel Erikson, Lee

Tuesday morning, while it was still dark, we left for Sipalay, enjoying the sunrise, ocean views and sugar cane harvest along the way.

A good place to stop to stretch the legs and enjoy the view and fresh breezes

The classes in Sipalay were attended by 14 men.

Rev. Kleyn used a video lecture of Prof. Cammenga on Anthropology from the PR seminary.

Rev. Engelsma spoke on "The How of Bringing the Gospel" from I Thessalonians 2:1-12.

Lunch time

On the way back north to Bacolod, we stopped to stretch our legs and to watch the sun lower over the ocean.

Across the road from where we stopped, there were some boys playing basketball.

When they saw Rev. Engelsma's height, they recruited him to the team.  ;-)

We arrived back in Manila airport on Wednesday morning.  The delegation made a connection to their international flight so we said our good-byes there.

We have since heard that they made it safely home once again to their families and church.
We thank the Lord for their visit and encouragement and pray that He will use it for the gathering and upbuilding of His church in the Philippines.

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