* PCC Outing At Our Home

This past Thursday, August 21, was a holiday in the Philippines (Aquino Day).  We took advantage of the non-working holiday and had a day of fellowship with the members of Provident Christian Church at our house.  We had a good day of food, relaxation and enjoying each other's company.

Group Shot!

Enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

Devotions and Psalter singing before lunch.


And more.

THE FOOD!  From the dish that is closest:
Chicken with potatoes and peppers; cut up cucumber and tomato; rice; dried seaweed with almonds (in the package by the rice); pancit (noodle dish); more rice; Bicol Express (made with pork, coconut milk and hot peppers); Laing (made from the greens of a root vegetable and hot peppers); Mexican Pineapple Chicken (in the black pot); pandesal (bread from a nearby bakery); canned fruit (in the bowls); bananas.  All delish!

Lunch time!  Kids go first.

The girls playing outside.  They and the boys played with squirt guns for a while and had fun helping each other stay cool. 

The kids had fun playing indoor games together too.

Getting some exercise....

.....walking to Second Floor, the hill overlooking Manila.

Rev. Kleyn playing a few tunes on the saw.

The girls.

Shopping the bookstore was one of the main activities.  We sold 28 books to the various families, plus many more to the church for an upcoming conference.

I love thy saints, who fear thy name and walk as in thy sight;
They are the excellent of earth, In them is my delight.
Psalter 27:2


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