* Fire!

One evening this past week we were in bed already, when we started hearing popping sounds and someone yelling something over and over.  It finally sunk in that the person was yelling, "Fire!" so we quickly jumped out of bed and ran outside to investigate.  We have an empty lot kitty corner to our house and this is what we saw there.

The fire was down a small drop off and in the far corner of the lot.  Our short hose and small buckets wouldn't have done much to put it out.

See the neighbor on his veranda?  They were pouring buckets of water on the fire and the neighbor over the other fence was spraying a hose.  A third neighbor, happily, had a very long hose that they could use as well.  Between the three of them, they were able to put the fire out.

But the fire trucks still came!

Three of them, plus a quick responder team, and three policemen on motorbikes!

The firemen hosed down the area well to make sure the fire wouldn't start up again.

The next morning this is what we found as the aftermath.  Really not so bad.  It's good it was put out before it spread further.

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