* Some Miscellaneous Shots

We start this random collection of pictures with a few of a recent shipment of RFPA books and PRCA pamphlets.  The collections taken in our churches continue to provide this literature at significantly reduced prices. This is greatly appreciated, not only by us, but also and especially by the churches and contacts among which we are doing our mission work here in the Philippines.
Books, Pamphlets, and Catechism Materials
Books taking over the Kitchen Counter
A challenge to sort out all those wires, no doubt!
The American Cemetery, located near Global City in Manila
A few members of the Berean PRC accompanied us
to the AGPRF in Gabaldon a few months ago.
Sometimes you have to take a "wacky" photo, too.
FRC in Bulacan had a birthday surprise in July .....
and also a good sized knife!  (Yes, it's a bolo.)
And a birthday surprise in Provident Christian Church in September, too.
Anyone for a slice of tuna?
The fish was huge!
Wasp Nest on our Window Frame
Meeting with Doon PRC (or the FMC) via Skype.
These Skype meetings usually take place three times each month,
with the missionaries meeting with Doon PRC's Philippines' Subcommittee,
Doon PRC's Council, and the Foreign Mission Committee.
The Provident Christian Church in Marikina
We visit here two Sundays a month for worship services,
every Thursday evening for a Reformed doctrine class,
and soon hope to begin catechism classes every Saturday, the Lord willing.

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