* How to Move a Boat on Land

Recently we were at the shore and witnessed something rather impressive.  There was a brand new boat sitting on the beach just down from the factory where it was made.  It needed to be moved about 50 yards to where the tide could come in and pick it up.  So a hundred or more local men were rounded up and put to the task! 

Where the boat started from.  Notice the blue tube underneath.  They had several of these under the boat.
Each time the tubes were set in place, someone would yell out and they would all lift and push at the same time, rolling the boat along the tubes. 
Then the back tube would be moved to the front.  The guys on the front would have to heave up so they could fit the tube under and repeat the process all over again.
Here's a video of some of the action.
(Note: you'll probably need to go to the blog itself to view the video.)
All ready to float.  Isn't she a beauty?
A man we were talking to estimated she was worth 1.2 million pesos (~$30,000 US).

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