* Furlough - Iowa

During our last week of the furlough (July 5-10) we were in Doon, Iowa where the calling church for the Philippines mission field, Doon PRC, is located.  We enjoyed the quiet countryside of beautiful farmland and crops. 

The corn was much taller than "knee high by the 4th of July"

We enjoyed a potluck lunch fellowship in Hull Park with the area ministers (5 of them) and their families on Friday, July 6. 

Friday night Rev. Kleyn did a presentation in Edgerton PRC (about an hour's drive from Doon).  Edgerton was excited, because after 2 years of vacancy their new pastor, Rev. Doug Kuiper and his family, had arrived that week.  Also, Edgerton PRC was our first pastorate, so it was wonderful to see the Kuipers as well as to catch up with old friends. The temperature was reminiscent of the Philippines that day, although the humidity wasn't as high.

Temperature on our car thermometer.

Edgerton PRC Church Building

Presentation in the church

Saturday, Doon PRC had its annual church picnic.  We enjoyed lots of good food and fellowship, and Rev. Kleyn also did the presentation on the work in the Philippines.

Ready to eat

Rev. Overway getting ready to open with prayer

Rev. Kleyn giving the presentation on the Philippines

Visiting with the ladies

On Sunday Rev. Kleyn preached in Edgerton PRC in the morning and installed their new pastor, Rev. Doug Kuiper.  In the evening he preached in Doon PRC and then we made the 15 minute drive to Hull and he gave the presentation to a full church there.

Hull PRC with some visitors from Heritage PRC and Calvary PRC

Monday we had time to enjoy some further fellowship with some of the saints in the area.  Tuesday we had to head back to Grand Rapids in order to catch our flights home on Wednesday.  We appreciated very much once again the interest shown in the work and the encouragement given.  

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  1. Looks like you had a nice time in the US. We enjoyed having you in Crete and your presentation you gave to us. May the Lord be with you as you pick up your labors once again!Our prayers are with you.