* America?

The last few months, as we've driven around, we've had the idea of taking pictures of things that might make you wonder if we live somewhere other than the Philippines.  Enjoy the pics of what we've seen.

Hmmm, this could be America .... but what's that vehicle out front?

That frosty looks pretty good....

Mac's again...



Good ol' Colonel Sanders.

Even a NASA guy!

Are those Americans out front?

We forgot to get a Pizza Hut picture, but that's another pizza place, more common than Dominoes or Yellow Cab.

Yep, another one.
You can get a McDonald's fix pretty much anywhere (if you really would want to).


  1. That's pretty amazing! Do the burgers and frosty drinks taste the same as in the US?

  2. Don't eat it!! :D

  3. Now why is it that Daniel is continually by eating places? Sharon is not feeding the boy enough, or Daniel has his eye on his belly, or soon will if he does not watch out.