* Hanko's Visit


Sharon's parents were able to visit once again (they were also here in March) for a week before they went to Singapore, where Dad will be working for 6 weeks.  We are so thankful to have had these times with them!  We had a nice relaxing week.
At the Mall of Asia

We were able to go see the biggest Mall in Asia.  They have an ice skating rink, bowling alleys, endless restaurants and shops.  There is also a nice view from the mall over Manila Bay.  Okay, maybe the ride home wasn't so relaxing.  It took us 2 1/2 hours -- a trip that had taken us just 40 minutes a few days before when coming from the airport.  It's all a matter of timing, and I guess we timed this one wrong!  But it's all part of the Manila experience.

Antipolo Market

One day we took a stroll through Antipolo's wet and dry market.  Lots of interesting things to see.  They have everything for sale from household goods, to flowers, to jewelry and clothes, to cellphones, to veggies and meat - anything you could possibly want or need.  We attracted a bit of attention and had a group of children following us.  I think they were fascinated by the tall white men.  And maybe by something else ....... we heard two of the little girls saying "Pinnochio" over and over.  ;-)   That Dutch blood shows itself in more ways than one!

We also had a chance to go to the American Cemetery in Manila, where 17,000 American soldiers from WWII are buried, and where there is a memorial to another 33,000 MIAs.  The Smits were able to come along with us that day with their two youngest children.  The rest were in school.  So for a few hours we were on American soil!

A Distant Relative


A Visit to the Comfort Room

Some kids we saw playing by the road 
1 skateboard + 6 kids = FUN!

Sunday was the highlight of their visit with the opportunity to worship with the First Reformed Church in Bulacan in the morning (see previous blog), and then the Berean PRC in the afternoon.  God's sovereign electing grace - choosing a few out of many - is an amazing and humbling truth.

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