* Our First Typhoon

On Tuesday, July 13 we experienced our first typhoon in the Philippines, Typhoon Conson (locally named Basyan).  It brought winds of up to 75 miles an hour and about 4 inches of rain.  The rains started while we were at Bible Study Tuesday evening.  On the way home we noticed debris (leaves and branches) on the roads from the wind.  But during the night Tuesday things really picked up.  Our windows on the house were banging shut and the noises of the wind kept us awake for a while.  We lost power at about midnight.  The next morning Daniel took a walk around the neighborhood and shot some pictures.

On the street outside our gate. Notice the tree leaning across the road.  It was against the electical wires.

We spent a couple hours the next morning cleaning up our yard.

Our tree at the bottom of the driveway lost a lot of its seedpods.  We also had a small tree down and a lot of other debris.

Some men cut down the tree just outside the gate that was leaning against the wires.

Using a bolo knife to cut through the trunk.

Most of the island of Luzon was without power.  We were without for 45 hours.  At least we still had running water and could use our stove, which is gas powered.  We are thankful for God's preservation of us and those we know through the storm.


  1. Looks pretty damaging. I'm glad you made it through with only lawn debris to show for it!

  2. Reminds me of a tornado, except it sounds like it lasted longer and of course no funnels? Were people's homes damaged? Were any of the church people affected?

    Glad you made it through Basyan(as Chad said) "with only lawn debris to show for it!"

    I don't know what a URL is, so I don't know how to get my name to show on here and I don't want this to show as an Anonymous comment, so I'll sign it here.

    Love in Christ,
    Don & Anita Haak

  3. Glad you are okay. Hi to both of you from Zeeland Michigan.

    Bern and Marcia TB

  4. Hello to you all in the Philipines. Rev Spriensma showed some slides this morning for the Sunday school class and everyone was invited. He had pictures of their life in the Philipines. We pray for all of you as you minister to the folk there. Love from Len & Marcia