* Our First Youth Camp (DK)

We just came home a short while ago (Wednesday evening) from our first YP camp. Youth came from 4 different places/groups - the Berean PRC, The All of Grace PR Fellowship in Gabaldon, The Christian Faith Ministry in Batasan Hills, and the First Reformed Church in Bulacan.

First Reformed Church in Bulacan

All of Grace PR Fellowship of Gabaldon

Christian Faith Ministry of Batasan Hills

Berean PRC

Around 40 young people and young adults were there. Rev. Smit and I did the speaking - I gave two lectures, and Rev. Smit led two discussions. The theme was "Walking as Children of Light."

The day went very well, and is hopefully a promise of future days like this for the young people and young adults. They were very attentive, and every indication was that they thoroughly enjoyed the day with each other.

An interesting aside is that for quite a few of the young people from Gabaldon (which is about 5 hours from here), this was their very first time in Manila. We picked them up from where they were staying, and it was interesting to hear their reactions to Manila driving/traffic. A little culture shock for them, perhaps - or was it shock from my driving? :-)


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