* This n That

First some pictures of Filipino children...

Selling some handmade bamboo whistles.

A boisterous bunch outside McDonald's.  :-)

Enjoying the ride - a little one too.

I think Dad noticed before he took off.  :-)

In Antipolo one day we were stuck in traffic for a while because of a parade celebrating the 50th anniversary of some foundation.  A lot of the students were wearing different native costumes.


Now a few close-ups of some rice threshing we saw recently.

Carrying the rice plants from the field to the threshing machine.

Putting the rice through the thresher.

When the bucket is full, a quick change over to a new bucket and the full one gets emptied into the sack.  Later the threshed rice in the sacks will get spread on the road to dry.

Notice the winnowing basket behind this lady's left hand.  I think she was waiting to glean after the others were finished.

And last but not least, a few pictures to show we are enjoying our time with Rev. Kleyn's parents.

With some of the children in Gabaldon.

Catching a few winks on the couch.

Lunch with the Berean consistory members after their monthly meeting.