Some Quarantine Activities

In the providence of God, COVID-19 has touched all our lives all around the world.  We've been under quarantine restrictions here in the Philippines since the middle of March.  For the most part that has meant staying at home, except for going out for essentials.  Thankfully we've still been able to continue with our work and with Sunday worship from home.  Here are a few pictures to let you know some things that we've been up to during the past months.

(1) Observing a variety of creatures in our yard

A "newborn" Snail


Fire Ants on our Cocoa Tree

A Bug feasting on a Bean Plant

A Frog that didn't make it

(2) Enjoying some more of our Flora

(3) A few of our Indoor Activities: Baking and Puzzling

(4) Heading Out and About, now and then

Face Masks and Face Shields

Where to Stand inside an Elevator

Shipping Books - (Notice the Backup)

(5) Sunday Worship and Seminary Instruction from home

Preparing to Broadcast Live on Sundays

Teaching Seminary Classes from the Study

(6) Seminary Students (mostly) coming for books

One of the Seminary Students Loaded with Books
(for himself, and to drop off to the other students)

Another Seminary Student who came for Books
(along with a few of the members and a friend)

We thank the Lord for His faithful care of us and of the saints here.  We are doing well.  However, we do seriously miss normal Sunday worship and the regular communion of the saints.  We pray the Lord will be pleased to make those things possible again soon, for His glory and for the comfort and blessing of His saints.