* Outreach Conference in Provident Christian Church

This past Thursday (April 17) was a public holiday in the Philippines.  Provident Christian Church in Marikina, one of the churches we are working in, decided to have an outreach conference that day.  The people invited many friends and family.  Some of the members did this by handing out copies of the pamphlet, "Knowing The True God" by Rev. Houck with an invitation to the conference tucked inside.  In God's providence, several visitors attended.

Getting things sorted out beforehand.

Brother Ben Chua spoke before and after Rev. Kleyn, giving an introduction to the topics as well as a summary of the speeches.

Rev. Kleyn gave two speeches: 1) God's Sovereignty Over Evils and 2) God's Sovereignty in Salvation.  There was also a question and answer period afterward. 

The audience consisted of many from PCC as well as several visitors.

A delicious lunch and time of fellowship followed the conference.

May God use His word to save those who are His.

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