* Annual Berean PRCP Conference

The annual Berean PRC Conference was held this past Friday (April 26, 2013).  The conference theme was The Sovereignty of God Over All Things, with four speeches on: The Sovereignty of God and Creation; The Sovereignty of God in Salvation; The Sovereignty of God and the Inspiration of Scripture; and The Sovereignty of God and the Responsibility of Man.
All set up and ready for the registrants.  There were over 100 this year!
Hope PRC's evangelism committee in Walker, Michigan supplied the Philippines with many free copies of Rev. Smit's new book "The Fruit of the Spirit of Jesus Christ," so we were able to give each attendee a free copy of the book.  Thank you Hope PRC!
We had our book table of RFPA books set up again this year. 
We sold 107 books, doubling our sales from last year.  We also moved about 150 pamphlets.  Lots of good literature getting out there!
Rev. Ibe was the moderator/MC of the conference.
The auditorium was packed.
Rev. Smit delivered the first and last speeches on creation and man's responsibility.
Lunch and fellowship time
Rev. Kleyn gave the two middle speeches on salvation and the inspiration of Scripture.
Here's a video of the singing (Psalter #15, based on Psalm 8).   For those who receive the blog through email, you may have to go to the web itself to see the video.
There were many good questions during the question hour at the end of the day.
Fellowshiping at the end of the day.
The whole group.
If anyone is interested in listening to the speeches and/or seeing the slides from Rev. Smit's and Rev. Kleyn's Powerpoint presentations, they can be found under the "Speeches" tab at:

We are thankful to God for the opportunity to hear the Reformed faith and to spend the day with many old and new acquaintances.  May our sovereign God use it for the salvation of His elect in Jesus Christ.

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