* Visit of PRCA Contact Committee (1)

In response to a request from the PRCP (Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines), a delegation from the Contact Committee of the PRCA traveled to the Philippines in December 2015 to begin the work toward the goal of establishing a sister-church relationship between the PRCA and the PRCP.

Prof. Russell Dykstra and Prof. Ronald Cammenga arrived on Friday, December 11.
For being 3 hours late and arriving at 1 AM, they don't look too bad!

At the Antipolo Public Market the next day

On Sunday, December 13, Prof. Cammenga preached in Provident Christian Church.
Outside the church gate with Bro. Bien Montoya and his son BJ.

With some of the young girls from Provident church.

Just before the worship service.

Lunch and fellowship afterwards

Meanwhile Prof. Dykstra was preaching at the Berean PRC and having lunch with the saints there.  After lunch we and some of the members of Provident joined him at the Berean church for a speech on Christian Education.

Getting ready for and giving his speech

Overlooking Manila.  We finally found a day when the city was not secluded in clouds.

On Tuesday, instead of the regular 7M meeting each professor gave a lecture on a special topic, with other men invited to attend (in addition to the pastors who regularly attend 7M).

Some discussion before the lectures.

Prof. Dykstra spoke on Old Testament Types.

Rev. Kleyn chaired the classes.

Someone put at least one creature to sleep!

Some books were brought along and about 30 titles sold.

Prof. Cammenga spoke on the Assurance of Salvation.

Group shot


We pray God's blessing on the work the professors do here and that, if it is His will, a sister-church relationship may eventually be established.

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