* 2014 Furlough #1

We flew out of Manila early Monday morning (June 2), arriving in Michigan that evening at 5:30 p.m.

Many family members (Hankos and Kleyns) were at the airport to greet us, and also visited with us that evening.  We were also able to visit with our parents again on Wednesday morning.

On Thursday we drove approximately 750 miles west from Michigan to Iowa, arriving in Doon late Thursday afternoon.  That evening, Rev. Kleyn met with the Doon PRC's Council and the Foreign Mission Committee.

On Saturday, the area Protestant Reformed ministers and their families gathered for lunch at the home of Rev. Allan and Crysta Brummel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Present were Rev. Doug & Teresa Kuiper (Edgerton PRC), Rev. Allen & Crysta Brummel (Heritage PRC), Rev. Rodney & Sharon Miersma (retired in Hull), Rev. Cory & Lael Griess (Calvary PRC).

Saturday evening Doon held its annual church picnic, timing it around our visit so we were able to join in the fellowship.  We enjoyed this opportunity to be with our calling church, to participate in the games, and taste the endless variety of food. 

Here is a brief video of the singing of Psalter #15 at the picnic (viewable only on the web itself, I think).

Rev. Kleyn preached in Doon PRC for their morning and evening services on Sunday.  Then on Sunday evening, he gave his first presentation of the work in the Philippines.  This was held in the Calvary PRC in Hull, Iowa.

We were encouraged to see the good attendance and experience the continued interest in the work.  Soli Deo Gloria!


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